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The age old management dilemma asks..."How can I reasonably incent my employees to produce more, work harder and make the company more efficient?" You've done your due diligence by offering competitive salaries, benefits and perks. Yet, there is still room for employee improvement. More often than not, the answer to incentives is cash. Why? Because it's easy, you have immediate access to it, all you have to do is write a check. It is well spent money, right? Is it taken for granted?  Do employees expect cash incentives as an extension of their salary?

Travel Incentives could be your answer. Travel has a much higher perceived value and it is something someone will brag about! Cash is spent frivolously and virtually creates no memories. A week on a Caribbean Cruise will go a long way, so will a week in Hawaii or an All-Inclusive trip to Cancun.

You can motivate your employees with virtually anything, but the bottom line is two-fold...how cost effective is it, and how much value and residual effect will it have? Try to motivate  your employees today with travel. Start small and offer three trips to Las Vegas for the top producers in your company, see how far the motivation will go. Your employees will talk about the trip before they go to Vegas, chances are they will call the office while they are in Vegas to tell everyone what a good time they are having and when they return they will have pictures galore to share with everyone. This will turn into a natural motivator and everyone will want to produce and travel!

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