February 19, 2015

Traveling Tips you will want to know for Traveling to Australia

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White Sands Beach Australia

Traveling to Australia?  

Here are some essential tips to plan and enjoy your visit.


 Getting through the airport

U.S. citizens must get an electronic visa at least two weeks before travel for AUD $20. If you have an "electronic passport" with a microchip, look for the kiosks at immigration for a quicker entry into the country. You need to fill out an immigration card on entry, as well upon leaving the country. 

 Top attractions

Tours of the Sydney Opera House, which, amazingly, took 17 years to build, are extremely popular and a great photo opportunity. The standard tour takes one hour, while the backstage option lasts two hours. For many who do it, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a highlight of their trip. Do it at sunrise or twilight and, of course, bring a camera. Even jaded locals are amazed by the experience.

Annual festivals

Every January the Sydney Festival brings stages around 400 contemporary cultural performances: around140 events performed by more than 1,000 artists in more than 30 venues. In October, the annual Good Food Month brings street food festivals and other culinary events to Sydney.


Exchange rate

The U.S. dollar currently fetches 1.14 Australian dollars.


Tips are not customary nor are they expected, perhaps because the minimum wage is $17 an hour. No wonder they call it the "lucky country"


Voltage is 220, and you will need both an outlet adaptor and a voltage converter if you're using appliances without built-in converters (you don't want to fry your curling iron or WaterPik). Even many top hotels, airport lounges and other venues lack 110-volt outlets, although they usually provide adaptors on request or you can get them from housekeeping, but it's best to bring your own.

Useful apps

Locals give high marks to the TimeOut Sydney and Australia Good Food Guide apps. The Sydney Official Guide app from Destination New South Wales is also highly rated. Arrivo Sydney (Android) and NextThere (iTunes) are useful public transit apps.

Useful websites

Destination New South Wales

Airfare listings to Sydney


Air New Zealand

Virgin Australia

TripAdvisor Things to Do in Sydney

TripAdvisor Sydney Hotel Reviews



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